Correct with Humility and Love

Published: February 8, 2023

Never seek to correct each other with anger, but only with humility and sincere love.



Published: February 1, 2023

There is more mercy in God than there are sins in us. Confess your sins at once.


A Meek Soul and Heart

Published: January 25, 2023

God rejoices only because of a calm, gentle and meek soul and heart.


Sign of the Cross

Published: January 18, 2023

Do not do anything without signing yourself with the sign of the cross.


Father Gabriel Thanks God

Published: January 11, 2023

So in every test, let us say: Thank you my God, because this was needed for my salvation.


Father Gabriel’s Ripened Fruit

Published: January 4, 2023

Fruits of men ripen through ascetic practice, study, time, perseverance, self-control and patience.


Spiritual Reading

Published: December 4, 2019

See Father Gabriel sitting in a beautiful and peaceful forest reading a spiritual book, with his cat napping peacefully beside him.


A Child’s Prayer

Published: October 29, 2019

My latest comic strip illustrates the pure prayer of a small child, with Father Gabriel accompanying the child in prayer.


Father Gabriel and the Old Man (Part 4)

Published: January 5, 2019

As Joseph takes a trip to Hawaii to visit his home town, he visits the local Orthodox Church and meets a familiar face.


Father Gabriel and the Old Man (Part 3)

Published: January 5, 2019

As Joseph makes a full recovery and leaves the hospital, he finds love and happiness in a new family.


Father Gabriel and the Old Man (Part 2)

Published: January 5, 2019

As Joseph gets to know Father Gabriel, his life begins to change which also effects the people around him.


Father Gabriel’s Kindness to the Elderly

Published: December 14, 2018

This motion comic is devoted to the elderly. Let us always remember our elders, they deserve our utmost respect and love.


Father Gabriel’s Generosity

Published: December 10, 2018

This motion comic is about the homeless. They are ignored and forgotten. They are without love and hope of any kind. But it only takes one person to make a difference in their lives.


Father Gabriel and the Old Man (Part 1)

Published: July 29, 2018

Meet Joseph, a lonely elderly man who has lost all hope of living ever since his wife past away a couple of years ago.


Sara at the Monastery (Part 3)

Published: March 24, 2018

Father Gabriel takes Sara and her parents to the monastery. But what was supposed to be an overnight stay, became a two week pilgrimage that changed Sara’s life forever.


Sara Meets Father Gabriel (Part 2)

Published: December 29, 2017

Sara finally meets Father Gabriel and through his loving words and wisdom, begins to change her life and the life of her parents.


Father Gabriel’s Guardian Angel

Published: November 16, 2017

Each of us is assigned a guardian angel, who guards, protects and guides us all our life.


Sara’s Journey (Part 1)

Published: November 4, 2017

Meet Sara, an ordinary teenage girl living in the 1940’s. This is the beginning of her journey as she meets Father Gabriel for the first time and her life changes forever.


The Desires of our Hearts

Published: September 6, 2017

The latest Father Gabriel web comic takes a look at the desires of our hearts. We all pray for various things, but God doesn’t always give us what we pray for.


Father Gabriel Falls

Published: July 2, 2017

In life, we all fall. In life, we all make mistakes. It’s all part of being human.


Father Gabriel’s Courage

Published: May 31, 2017

Let us be brave warriors, let us go through life with without fear, for Christ is with us. And if Christ us with us, who can be against us?


Father Gabriel’s Love for Animals

Published: May 22, 2017

Animals are a gift from God, for they benefit and enrich our lives in many ways.


Father Gabriel’s Blessing of Marriage

Published: May 15, 2017

Second only to the love of God, there is no love more great than the love between a husband and wife.


Father Gabriel’s Kindness to the Elderly

Published: May 8, 2017

They too need to be loved. They too need someone to talk to, someone to laugh with and someone to share their lives with.



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