Frequently Asked Questions

What is IKONiMATION? Is it your company?
IKONiMATION is a name that is a mix of the words: eikon (icon in Greek) and animation. I came up with the name for my website, and on this website I post all of my cartoons, comics and blog posts. IKONiMATION is not a company and I do not have anyone working for me. I created and maintain this website, as well as all the content, myself.

Why does it take so long for you to post new cartoons or comics?
I would absolutely love to create cartoons and comics full-time. But at present, I am only able to do this in my spare time so my projects take a long time to complete. Like many of us, I have a full-time day job. But I work as much as I can on IKONiMATION content and when I have something new to post, I will announce it on my mailing list. So make sure you subscribe to get email notifications when new content is posted.

What is your full-time job?
For most of my professional career, I worked as a web and graphic designer. Currently, I am working at a university creating videos and motion graphics for online instruction. Creating these instructional videos gives me the opportunity to create various 2D and 3D animations for classes such as biology, mathematics, sociology and engineering. In addition, I create various illustrations that I use for the instructional videos. My job is a lot of fun and I consider myself blessed to be working on so many fun projects and with wonderful people.

What’s the difference between a cartoon and a comic?
Excellent question! On my website, I always refer to my animated short films, such as Father Gabriel’s Chapel, as a cartoon or an animated cartoon.

Comics and comic strips are drawings contained within boxed panels used to tell a story. My Father Gabriel comics are published digitally on this website, so you can also refer to them as web comics.

So hopefully to make things less confusing, here is a definition of my cartoons and comics:

Cartoon (or Animated Cartoon) – Is an animated short film.
Comic (or Web Comic) – Is a comic book or graphic novel.
Comic Strip – Is a very short comic that consist of just one or several panels.

Will you be creating comics other than Father Gabriel?
For now, my main focus is to tell stories about Father Gabriel, but I also have other stories I want to tell that may not involve Father Gabriel. So in the future you may see them pop up every now and then.

Can I download and post any of your cartoons and comics on my website? Or on my Facebook page?
If you love my cartoons or comics, I am very happy that you would like to share them on your website or social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) So please feel free to download them, all I ask is that you don’t alter or change them. Please also feel free to link to any of my cartoons or comics on any website or social platforms. If you have any questions please drop me a line by using my contacts page.

Will you ever publish a printed comic or graphic novel?
Yes! Although not in the near future, I am planning to do this someday. In fact I have several projects in the works that I want to get printed. Stay tuned!

Why can’t I find you on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
I actually use to be on those platforms for a long time, but eventually decided to deleted my accounts. I just didn’t have the time to maintain them, and also I wasn’t seeing much benefit either because most of my visitors come from search engines and word-of-mouth.

What about Youtube? I don’t see any of your cartoons on there either.
All my cartoons are uploaded to Vimeo. I prefer this video platform because I would rather not have my cartoons accompanied by ads. This way my cartoons can be viewed without any interruptions.

How can I get in touch with you?
The best way to get in touch with me is to either leave a comment on one of my posts, or email me by visiting my Contact page. I enjoy reading comments and emails from my viewers. So feel free to drop me a line.

I would like to support your work. How can I do so?
I am using Buy Me A Coffee and Stripe for tips and donations. Please visit my Donation page for more information. Thank you very much for your generosity and your willingness to support IKONiMATION.


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