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My Re-creation of the Trendmasters Godzilla logo

This drawing is my re-creation of the Trendmasters Godzilla toy logo.

Way back in the 1990’s, there was a very popular Godzilla toy line by a company called Trendmasters. In the 90s, Godzilla toys were not easy to come by in the US, but thanks to Trendmasters, they opened the door for Godzilla toys and collectables to be widely available in all stores.

Below is a brief history of how I became a fan of that not so jolly green giant that breathes fire and destroys cities.

I’ve always been a Godzilla fan ever since I was a little boy. Why? Well, he’s a gigantic fire breathing mutant dinosaur! What more explanation is needed? I remember that fateful day when I first laid eyes on the behemoth. I was six years old, and was flipping through the channels hoping to find a cartoon to watch. Instead of a cartoon, I came upon a movie with a giant fire breathing dinosaur battling a robotic dinosaur. As a six year old, this was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! I was instantly mesmerized by these two titans battling to the death.

Godzilla book by Crestwood House

Not too long after, I found a book in my school library with a picture of a giant fire breathing dinosaur on the cover. And this was the exact same dinosaur from the movie that I had seen earlier! From this book, I learned that the dinosaur had a name, and it was GODZILLA! And the title of the movie I saw was Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla! What an awesome title for a movie!

From that day forward, as I learned more and more about Godzilla, and caught more and more of his movies on TV, he became my absolute favorite character. Oh, there were others such as He-Man, G.I Joe, Transformers, Spiderman, etc. But Godzilla had a very special place in my heart, so much more than others. He was the biggest, baddest, and the most powerful of them all! His movies were unlike any other, and the monsters he battled were beyond awesome: King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, Gigan, Biollante, Titanosaurus. Oh my goodness! Does it get any better then this?!

Fast forward decades later, I still love to watch Godzilla movies. I own all the movies on DVD, as well as a collection of Godzilla figures and toys (you can click on the photo to see full size and more detail of my collection). I think I will never outgrow Godzilla. He will always remain with me. And the most wonderful thing is that today, I get to share my love for Godzilla with my beloved wife, who actually supports and encourages me to collect more and more Godzilla toys! Just a few months ago, we both went to theater to see Godzilla King of the Monsters. We saw it twice and both loved it! This movie brought back the little boy in me, who would sit glued in front of the TV while holding his Godzilla figure, and watching my childhood hero battle the three headed evil dragon from outer space! You know what? Not much has changed!

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