Update – Father Gabriel Children’s Book Sketches

Just wanted to give a quick update on the status of my Father Gabriel children’s book I’ve been working on. My apologies for the lack of updates lately, but life has been keeping me really, really busy.

Anyway, regarding my book. I have been working on a Father Gabriel’s children’s book for a long time now. The title will be “Father Gabriel Loves to Pray” and the plan was to self publish the book on Amazon and Apple iBooks. But, if God wills, I may be publishing the book with a well known publisher if all goals well. I don’t want to give too much away right now until I know for sure this is going to happen. Right now I just have to have a finished manuscript. I have the story completed, I am just working on the illustrations, which is the most time consuming part. Below are a few samples of page sketches. The finished pages will be more polished and will also be in color.

Father Gabriel Loves to Pray children's book, pg 12-13

This is from Pages 12-13 of the book. Here, Father Gabriel shows the importance of always praying before your meal. It is God who blesses us with food and when we pray before our meal we are showing our love and appreciation to God for always caring for our needs.

Father Gabriel Loves to Pray children's book, pg 14-15

This is from Pages 14-15 of the book. Here Father Gabriel shows the importance of reading the scripture as often as possible. Not only does God provide us with food for the stomach, but also food for the soul. Scripture, as well as other spiritual readings, nourishes our soul and keeps us closer to God.

Father Gabriel Loves to Pray children's book, pg 17-18

And finally, this is page 17-18. Here, Father Gabriel is walking in the woods while praying the Jesus Prayer. As Orthodox Christians, it is very important to pray the Jesus Prayer. There is much power and peace that comes from this prayer, which come from the use of our Lord’s name.

The Jesus Prayer has two important purposes. The first is worship as with all prayer. The second is a discipline to help our soul gain control our overactive brains and create stillness so the Holy Spirit can work through us and help us live the virtues in union with God. – Source: OrthodoxPrayer.org

For a long time, I have been debating whether I should do my illustrations as hand-drawn (if you consider drawing on my phone hand-drawn), or 3D computer illustrations using a 3D modeling/animation software such as Blender 3D. I still haven’t made a final decision, but I am going to keep on working on the illustrations the way I have been doing them (on my phone) until a change my mind.

Speaking of 3D Animation, I am also working on the third episode of my Father Gabriel animated series. Hard to believe it’s been three years since I completed the second episode. It’s too early to reveal anything about that right now, so I will leave that for a future blog post 🙂


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