Father Gabriel on the Mountain Comic Strip by Nicholas Tamraz

Freedom. We hear this word a lot, especially in America which is “Land of the Free.” But are we really free? Many of us think so just because maybe we live in a certain country, or maybe because we have lots of money which gives us the freedom to do or buy whatever we want. But true freedom comes from living in Christ, which Saint John Chrysostom beautifully states:

The only person who is free is the one who lives for Christ. ~Saint John Chrysostom

Living in Christ means being free from the bondage of sin, which is true freedom. Faith, prayer, confession, Holy Communion and reading scripture breaks the chains of sin that entangles us and keeps us from truly being free to live our life…our life in Christ.

Below is a recommended reading for those who are interested living for Christ:

The Orthodox Way
A classic account of the belief, worship, and life of the Orthodox Church. This is a book which reveals the meaning of life for all Christians. By Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia.

For more recommendation readings, please visit the Orthodox Church of North America website.

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