Father Gabriel Falls Comic Strip by Nicholas Tamraz

We all fall from grace every now and then, that’s what it means to be human. To fall, learn from your mistakes, get back up and keep on fighting the good fight no matter how much you fall or mess up. So when I found the below quote from one of my very favorite saints, I had to base my latest Father Gabriel comic strip on this quote:

Even though you have fallen again, get up again. You have been called to a heavenly road. It is not surprising for someone running to stumble. It just takes patience and repentance at every moment. Therefore, always do a metanoia (repent) when you are wrong and don’t lose time, because the longer you wait to seek forgiveness, the more you allow the evil one to spread his roots within you. Don’t let him make roots to your detriment. Therefore, don’t despair when you fall, but get up eagerly and do a metanoia saying, “Forgive me, my dear Christ. I am human and weak.” … So every time you fall, get up again and at once seek forgiveness. Don’t hide sorrow in your heart, because sorrow and despondency are the joy of the evil one. They fill one’s soul with bitterness and give birth to many evils. – Elder Joseph the Hesychast, of blessed memory

I love Elder Joseph, his writings and wisdom is what brought me to the Eastern Orthodox Church. His writings are like gold, they will touch your heart and make it melt. I highly recommend checking out the below books to anyone who is interested or curious about Elder Joseph the Hesychast. It doesn’t matter if your Christian or not, his writings are life changing.

Monastic Wisdom bookMonastic Wisdom – The Letters of Elder Joseph the Hesychast
This collection of Elder Joseph the Hesychast’s letters, presented now for the first time in English, makes the wealth of his wisdom and experience available to readers from all walks of life. As his extreme ascetical sturggles and hesychastic lifestyle unfold througout the pages, one witnesses his difficlut trials and lenghty battles with the demons, his profound visions and inspired spiritual guidance, his martyric endurance in illnesses, and finally his holy repose – leaving one with the certainty that Elder Joseph was a rare example of sanctity for modern times.

My Elder Joseph the Hesychast bookMy Elder Joseph the Hesychast
This book contains the very personal account of Elder Ephraim telling the life of his Elder Joseph the Hesychast, whose holiness made him one of the most influential monks on the Holy Mountain in the twentieth century. Many of these fascinating stories have never been published before, including delightful anecdotes about Elder Joseph’s brotherhood, moving accounts of his spiritual struggles, insightful spiritual counsels from his deep wisdom, and amazing miracles.

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