Father Gabriel and the Child Comic Strip by Nicholas Tamraz

Children are a gift from God. They bring innocence and joy into our lives more than we can ever imagine. But raising them can bring a lot of challenges, and the most important part of raising them is to teach them to know the Eternal God, as Saint Clement of Alexandria says:

The primary lesson for life must be implanted in the soul from the earliest age. The primary lesson for children is to know the eternal God, the One Who gives everlasting life.

In my latest comic strip, we see Father Gabriel walking with the little child, teaching him about the Eternal God, the One who gives eternal life. Taking children to monasteries regularly is also very helpful and essential. Monasteries are the heart of the Orthodox Christian faith. There’s no better place in the world than monasteries to implant into a child’s soul the peace, grace and love than comes from the Eternal God.

Here are a couple of resources by Saint John Chrysostom on raising children:

Raising Children According to Saint John Chrysostom

Raising Them Right: A Saint’s Advice on Raising Children

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