So this ends the story of Sara, who became Sister Irene, and years later became abbess of the Saint Paisios Orthodox Monastery. Even though Sister Irene is a fictional character that I created, she was inspired by Saint Irene of Thessaloniki, a very holy saint that lived about two hundred years ago. Because of her strong faith and devotion to Christ, she was tortured by her own unbelieving father! I encourage you to read about her life, it is really a touching and encouraging story. Here is the link to her life story.

Saint Paisios Orthodox Monastery is also a real monastery located in Arizona. This is a woman’s monastery located a couple of hours away from Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Monastery. I have never been to Saint Paisios monastery, but God willing someday I will with my wife. Monasteries are wonderful places to visit and are really beneficial to the soul. Like I always like to say, monasteries are great places to visit and recharge our spiritual batteries 🙂

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