This category will consist of my various sketches, drawings, paintings and 3D renders. These will range from concept sketches or test renders from my Father Gabriel animated series, doodles from either my imagination or from nature. I may even include my own attempts at Orthodox iconography. Enjoy!

Brother John (Character Sketch)
Introducing Brother John, an elderly monk and a good friend of Father Gabriel. Brother John will appear in a future episode of the Father Gabriel animated series and comic strips.
Father Gabriel Sketch
A quick painting of Father Gabriel using my old Wacom Sapphire graphics tablet
George the Homeless WIP (Color Render)
Back from a long Christmas vacation and working on George the Homeless. I finished texturing the model, adding dirt and smudges to his clothes.
Saint Nicholas 3D Icononography
Since today is Saint Nicholas Day, I just wanted to share a WIP 3D icon I made last year of Saint Nicholas.
George the Homeless WIP 3D Character Model
WIP 3D Model of George the Homeless. The character will be appear in the third episode of my Father Gabriel animated series.
George the Homeless (Final Sketch)
Here is a final sketch of George the Homeless to appear in the third episode of Father Gabriel. I decided to make George an older man in his early 50s, a man who has been homeless for over 20 years.
George the Homeless (Sketch 1)
A new character sketch of George the Homeless, to appear in the third episode of Father Gabriel.
Father Gabriel watches the sunrise
Here is a render of the very last scene of the second episode as Father Gabriel watches the sun come up.
Me and my wife
A quick sketch I made of me and my wife. Wherever we go, wherever we are, we are always holding hands.
Reach for Love
I was just thinking of how much I love my wife when I drew this. You can find love right above you. All you need to do is have the courage to reach and grab it like you grab an Apple from a tree.
Orthodox Monastery on Tree Stump
Here is a quick sketch I made of a Russian Orthodox Monastery built on top of a giant tree stump. Eventually, I may make a 3D model of this monastery for a future episode of Father Gabriel.