Father Gabriel Comic Strips

This is a weekly comic strip series featuring Father Gabriel and other characters that he encounters. Each strip consists of either a Bible verse or quotes from the Holy Fathers of the Orthodox Christian church. My weekly comic strips are published on this website and on Facebook & Instagram. Please follow me to keep up to date with Father Gabriel's adventures.

Father Gabriel's Journey on WebtoonsIn addition, extended versions of my comic strips are also posted on Webtoons.com, a very popular publisher of online comics. View Father Gabriel's Journey on Webtoons.

Father Gabriel’s Courage
Let us be brave warriors, let us go through life with without fear, for Christ is with us. And if Christ us with us, who can be against us?
Father Gabriel’s Blessing of Marriage
Second only to the love of God, there is no love more great than the love between a husband and wife.
Father Gabriel’s Fruit
For this week’s Father Gabriel comic strip, I wanted to emphasize the fruits that we produce, the fruits that symbolize the works that we have done in our lives.
Father Gabriel and the Child
Children are a gift from God. They bring innocence and joy into our lives more than we can ever imagine.
Father Gabriel and Brother John
Brother John finally makes his debut in Father Gabriel's latest comic strip.
Father Gabriel Sees Himself
Father Gabriel humbles himself, and through his humility sees God.
Father Gabriel’s Supper
Father Gabriel is always careful to not fill his stomach with too much food but instead fill his soul with spiritual nourishment by prayer, fasting, reading of scripture and divine services.
Father Gabriel’s Cross
Father Gabriel carries his cross in the desert, showing symbolically the suffering he bears for the Lord Jesus Christ.
Father Gabriel in Paradise
My eighth Father Gabriel comic strip is devoted to a beautiful quote by Saint Ephrem the Syrian.
Father Gabriel on the Mountain
My newest Father Gabriel comic strip focuses on freedom. Are we really free? What does it mean to truly be free?
Father Gabriel Falls
We all fall from grace every now and then, that's what it means to be human.
Father Gabriel’s Dog
Our pets are very simple creatures, as long as we feed them, shelter them and pet them, they love us more than some of our own family members.
Father Gabriel’s Kindness to the Elderly
My latest Father Gabriel cartoon strip is devoted to the elderly. Let us always remember our elders, they deserve our utmost respect and love.
Father Gabriel Gives His Heart to God
My third Father Gabriel comic strip, with Father Gabriel praying and giving his heart to God.
Father Gabriel’s Generosity
My second Father Gabriel comic strip. See Father Gabriel show generosity to a homeless man named George.
Father Gabriel’s Prayer Life
Introducing Father Gabriel's first comic strip! In this comic strip, we see Father Gabriel apply prayer to his daily life.