Father Gabriel Episodes

Father Gabriel is a family friendly short Orthodox Christian Animated Cartoon series for the whole family. Follow the adventures of Father Gabriel, an Orthodox Christian Priest Monk, as he applies prayer, love and peace to his everyday life. I am hoping to have new episodes every few months, so please stay tuned for more!

Father Gabriel’s Prayer
The second episode of Father Gabriel cartoon series. See Father Gabriel apply prayer in his everyday life. Prayer is like breathing, without prayer there is no life.
Father Gabriel Goes to Church
The first episode of Father Gabriel cartoon series. Father Gabriel, an Orthodox Christian Priestmonk, walks to church and begins the Litany of Peace.

Other Animations

This section will consist of various animations ranging from animated shorts, concept animations, animation tests and anything else that comes to mind. Enjoy!

George the Homeless (Short Animation)
Debut of George the Homeless in his first short animation. George will appear in the next episode of Father Gabriel.
Orthodox Monastery on Giant Tree Stump
WIP 3D Model of an Orthodox Monastery on a giant tree stump.