Self PortraitThank you for visiting IKONiMATION. My name is Nicholas and I am an artist, cartoonist, animator and web designer living and working in Southern California. My love and respect for art and animations drove me to form IKONiMATION, to create my own cartoons and animations for all to enjoy.

My current projects are an animated cartoon series and a weekly comic strip series starring my original character Father Gabriel, who is an Orthodox Christian Priestmonk. My goal for the cartoon series and the comic strip series is for all to enjoy family friendly entertainment with a positive spiritual message.

To follow both the Father Gabriel Animated Cartoon Series and the Comic Strip Series, click here. You can also follow Father Gabriel on all major social media networks. Please click on one of the social media links on the top left of the menu bar, or click on one of the social media icons below in the footer.